Yoni steam “Diva hot & steamy” gown

If you are going to yoni steam at home, you should do it in style. We have many yoni steam gown colors to choose from and want to make sure you have the ultimate yoni steam experience.


  • Yoni steam gowns are 95% polyester and 5% spandex
  • Very lightweight. This gown keeps you warm during your V-steaming and conserves your body heat. You will feel a deep sauna-like experience in the comfort of your own home.
  • This yoni gown is a smooth, breathable material and ideal to pair with yoni steam. This gown traps the steam & heat during your yoni steaming which is vital for benefits. The soft and silky-smooth fabric gives the gown a soothing and comfortable feel.
  • Perfect length and stretch – the length of this yoni gown is around 55 inches and fully covers you and your steaming stool providing complete privacy. Also, an adjustable elastic top allows for the gown to be worn around the neck, under the arms, or as a skirt around the waist. Weight: 13 oz - One Size 55” W X (15~44)” L with full stretch. One size fits all.
  • Easy to care – Hand wash or machine wash cold (gentle cycle, dark colors separately); tumble dry low or line dry, no bleach.

Full length yoni steam gowns for the ultimate yoni steam experience 😍

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