Yoni Steam Training

Course Modules & Lessons

Module 1: Quick Introduction

  • Meet Your Instructor


  • Get Your Mind Right & Get Paid


  • Disclaimer

Module 2: Yoni Understanding

What The Word Yoni Means


  • What is a Yoni Steam?


  • The Benefits Of Yoni Steam


  • The Female Genital System Internal & External


  • The Menstrual Cycle & Fertility


  • When Steaming Is NOT appropriate


  • How Often Can Someone Do This Amazing Service?


  • Yoni Steaming For At-Home Use


  • The Benefits For Service Providers

Module 3: Common Female Reproductive Issues

  • PCOS


  • Infertility


  • Endometriosis


  • Fibroids


  • Sexual Trauma


  • Healing From Past Lovers

Module 4: Divine Energy

Yoni Health And Diet


  • Yoni Health And Hygiene


  • Yoni Health And Emotional Stress


  • Awakening Your Divine Feminine Energy


  • The Energy Of The Womb

Module 5: Yoni Information

Why Are Herbs Beneficial For Steaming?


  • What Are The Most Common Herbs Used For Yoni Steaming And Why?


  • Will Any Herb Be Fine To Use?


  • Should I Steam With Only One Herb At A Time Or Are Blends Better?


  • Changes To Expect After Yoni Steaming


  • Mixing Different Herb Blends


  • How You Can Purchase Quality Herbs At A Great Price

Module 6: Setup & Supplies

Part #1. Setting The Mood: Room Setup

Home Setup


  • Mobile Setup


  • Spa Setting In Brick & Mortar Location

Part #2. Supplies

Yoni Herb Blends


  • Yoni Steam Chairs


  • Yoni Steam Gowns

Module 7: Pro Tips

Knowing Your Audience


  • Road Map To Opening A Yoni/Vaginal Steam Business


  • Investment vs. Return

Module 8: Special Bonus Content

The Power Of Sound


  • All About Yoni Pearls


  • DOWNLOADABLE Intake Forms & Liability Waivers (BONUS MATERIAL)


  • Facebook Support Group

Module 9: Course Wrap Up

Wrapping Things Up


  • Certificate


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The Blissful Yoni Steam Course

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